Monday, January 23, 2012

Sad but True

As I was watching the 10 o'clock news, like I pretty much do every night, I saw a lady speaking on behalf of the patients that needed kidneys.The ONLY transplant center in the state of Hawaii has closed recently. My mom got the notice and when I saw it and asked her what it really meant - I wanted to cry!

How can this money situation DO this to the poor patients that are awaiting a transplant. I mean, c'mon now? I'm so saddened. All the unused organs, that was still in the hands of the transplant center, was shipped to the mainland so now for all the patients in Hawaii to get their kidneys - they're out of luck! How the hell? I mean, hello? So, what's the purpose now? What now? Errr.

I'm annoyed with Hawaii. They're working on it "supposedly". Hopefully something will work out about this so that the people needing kidneys or whatever organ WILL get it, somehow. My mom has children & grandchildren still. She can't be suffering any longer. But wait, with my moms new condition the pulmonary hypertension she won't be able to operate. =/

Question is, what now?

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