Saturday, May 19, 2012

Updates as of 05192012

Hello there, It's been awhile hasn't it? I apologize. But there's been a few things to update. Well,... Melba; with my mom. All is okay. She's still complaining about not being able to see. She's continuing to see her specialist and after her MRI came back negative more tests are being run. They don't know why she can't see. All what they expect aren't turning out to be what they think. "I will never take advantage of my eye sight again when I get my eyes back". That breaks my heart everytime I think about her and her condition(s). She's not complaining though. She's really calm with all that she's been thru. I guess, if I were in her position, I'd try to be as happy as I can be because when all narrows down to what LIFE is really about - I'd be happpy I'm breathing and still alive. Marik; stepdaddy is doing really well. He's now in remission. A few months ago, he did his every 6 month check up and they found NOTHING on his scans. He's a true believer and GOD definitely rewarded him for that and all the love and changes he's made in his life. God bless the world! Shelby; All is okay with this lil one! She's growing before my eyes. Speaking of which. You'll see a video I'm posting from YouTube later on. And, this is shelby performing "Punalu'u". If she wins, she'll be able to go to Indiana (Indiana University) to perform for the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference July 22, 2012.